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11 di lundu sarawak - Google Blog Search

11 di lundu sarawak - Google Blog Search

Pekan <b>Lundu</b>, <b>Sarawak</b> | Sumandak Kinabalu Little Corner

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 01:59 AM PDT

This story is a continuation from my previous entry.
After the long hours sitting in the car, finally we reached a small town called Pekan Lundu. The town is located in the Southwest Division of Kuching and bordered by West Kalimantan Indonesia. Pekan Lundu is just a small town but surprisingly, it has its own beauty and attractions.

The first thing I notice is the temple. I never entered a temple before and this is also my first time to watched it from a close range. Although I have the chance to look inside the temple, I didn't do it. Mr. M said it is not a crime but I just can't. So we ended taking pictures outside the temple :)

Another attraction at the Pekan Lundu is the giant vase. I become a model that day with Mr. M being the photographer....hahahaha
One thing I really like about the town is...it is very clean! Some of the buildings may seem dull and old but their owners are very concerned about cleanliness. I didn't see rubbish scattered on the road or behind buildings, especially food outlets. And I really respect them for that...nowadays it is very hard to find a clean town. I am not giving such praise blindly, I wrote what I saw :)

The people here also very nice and friendly. Looks like they know each other very well. I mean they can easily recognize new faces at their town. They will ask you warmly where you coming from, how long will you stay and wishing you will have a good time during the stay :)

After sightseeing and enjoy a cup of coffee, we continue the journey...One more thing, I can see that almost every lot at Pekan Lundu got this parabola thing. I wish I have one at home, unfortunately it is forbidden to have one in Kota Kinabalu...hehehehe

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