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Tasmanians Target Ta Ann&#39;s Hamed Sepawi | <b>Sarawak</b> Report

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 10:21 AM PST

Posted Saturday, March 10th, 2012

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Eco-Lies! Top Tasmania politician is shown up on TV News!

The highly effective campaign to prevent Taib's family company Ta Ann from destroying Tasmania, like Sarawak, is making Pinocchios out of politicians there!

Last week the state's Deputy Premier, Bryan Green, was subjected to national humiliation when he became the top story on Australia's ABC news for supporting the company's claims that its wood products are 'eco-friendly'. [Click here for photos    and  here for campaign blog]

The MP, who is one of a lobby supporting Ta Ann, had just come back from a trip to Japan trying to convince buyers that Ta Ann has not been lying over its claims that its wood had been sustainably sourced.

Pinocchio's photographic tour of Ta Ann's devastation in Tasmania will hold no surprises for the people of Sarawak!

This was in the face of a recent devastating report by local environmentalists, who have proved that, to the contrary, Ta Ann has broken its promises to use only plantation wood and has been getting cheaper wood by tearing down Tasmania's native, high conservation value forests.

Waiting for his luggage Green found himself trapped by a humorous cardboard cut-out of the long nosed Pinocchio, the favourite children's story character, whose nose grew with each lie he told. Ta Ann was written across the cutout's chest and TV cameras lined up to film Green's awkward moment!

Getting the message out! The Green Campaigners have exposed a political tie up with Ta Ann in Tasmania

The animals are getting worried

Hamed Sepawi - Growing questions in Tasmania

Campaigners have been increasingly questioning why local politicians like Green have been so vigorous in supporting Ta Ann's destructive behaviour?

After all the company, which is largely owned by Taib's cousin and nominee, multi-millionaire Hamed Sepawi, has produced a series of financial losses in the state.

Remarkably, these politicians have even threatened to destroy a vital Forest Agreement, currently underway with the Australian Federal government, which would pay the state hundreds of millions of dollars to protect its high conservation forest areas.

Ta Ann has been sourcing its wood from these areas and MPs like Bryan Green are demanding that unless the company is allowed to continue then they will pull out of the valuable agreement.

They have even attempted to blackmail Green campaigners, saying that if they don't stop exposing Ta Ann's misleading advertising then they will sabotage the Forest Agreement, worth so many millions to their own state!

Tasmanian Devil and Orang Utan - featured in a specially commissioned cartoon by Australian cartoonist Reg Monbassa.

So, as the animals are asking in this cartoon, showing the new comradeship between the endangered species of Borneo and Tasmania, both threatened by Taib, what is going on?

The Green Campaign scalps another 'Pinocchio'!

Not a holiday after all - the trip WAS paid for by Ta Ann and so was Mr Harriss's full board and extensive entertainment

Sarawak Report has already questioned a number of the links between some Tasmanian politicians and the Taib regime.

One of these was the Independent MP Paul Harriss, who had visited Kuching on three recent occasions, where he was presented as a representative of the Tasmanian Government.

Paul Harriss in turn told questioners back in Tasmania that in fact he had been on a 'holiday', despite being accompanied by Ta Ann Tasmania's Chief Executive, David Ridley, and despite his meetings with key Taib side-kicks Awang Tenggah and Len Talif.

However, this week it was revealed that Harriss did in fact register that the trip was paid for by Ta Ann!  He has also admitted that he has received gifts worth thousands of dollars from the company.

The development has put the pro-Ta Ann politician's credibility at serious risk, as he attempts to lead the lobby to destroy the Forest Agreement.  A series of newspaper articles reported that he has been forced to consult on whether he can continue to participate in votes and discussions about the Forest Agreement, given this clear conflict of interest, which he had failed to declare in previous debates!

[Harriss denies being bought by Ta Ann, Tasmanian Times, ABC, Greens question MP's Gifts  ]

One more pro-Ta Ann Pinocchio has been outed this week in Tasmania!

Spotlight on Sepawi

Ta Ann supporter Simon Crean MP

And as the credibility of these Ta Ann lobbyists fast fades, more questions are being asked about those other politicians with links to Tasmania Hydro, which is currently chasing contracts in Taib's deeply controversial and destructive SCORE programme.

Sarawak Report has noted that another key Ta Ann campaigner, MP Simon Crean, is the brother of David Crean, Chairman of Hydro Tasmania.  Hydro Tasmania is leading the construction of Murum and is chasing three of the next of Taib's dam mega-projects.  The company is also in charge of monitoring the Bakun Dam as it starts to produce electricity.

Doing big business with Taib's Dirty Dam projects - brother David Crean shakes hands with Sepawi and Tenggah!

That electricity is designed to power a new Rio Tinto Alcan factory, which will cause the closure of the current factory in Tasmania, throwing thousands out of work!

So, again, what is the motive driving these politicians to undermine their own country's prosperity in favour of Taib and Ta Ann?

These questions have prompted a new study of Sepawi and his company Ta Ann, produced this week by environmental researchers in Tasmania.

The report "Ta Ann Destroying Rainforests and Violating Human Rights In Sarawak" provides a compelling insight for foreigners wanting to understand the problems in Sarawak and shows just how Taib manages the state, through a nexus of corruption run by his own family.

Detailed analysis of how Taib has run Sarawak for personal profit, through his key lynchpin Ta Ann's Hamed Sepawi

People in Sarawak should read it too.  It explains how Taib put his cousin and nominee, and a handful of other key players, into all the key roles to create a single hub of political and economic control designed to enrich himself and his family.

Hamid has controlled Sarawak's key resources, first as Chairman of the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Council (in charge of logging), then as Chairman of the SEB (controlling the electricity and dam programme).

Notorious - Sepawi poses as a tree hugger!

Sepawi is also Chairman and major shareholder of the construction giant Naim Cendara (in receipt of major government contracts), Chairman and major shareholder of Ta Ann one of the largest plantation and logging companies (given huge lands by Taib), Chairman and major shareholder of Sarawak Plantation Bhd (in receipt of vast plantation licences).  Crucially, he is also as Treasurer of PBB (putting him in charge of all the money in the chief political party).  Then there are all the key associations representing people's interests that Sepawi is also Chairman of, such as the Oil Palm Plantation Owners Association.  He is also Chairman of the Board of Sarawak Enterprise. The list continues.

In short, Sepawi has been one of the main instruments by which Taib Mahmud has grasped total political and economic control of Sarawak and poured it into the bank accounts of his own family.  It has turned Sepawi into one of Asia's richest men.

Has his influence and control extended so far into Tasmania that Taib will succeed in destroying their forests in the same way as he has destroyed the forests of Borneo, Papua, Congo, Solomon Islands, Guyana and elsewhere?

If certain politicians in Tasmania have their way it would seem yes.  But Pinocchio is watching their every move!

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11 di kuching sarawak - Google Blog Search

Tiket MURAH, Percutian <b>di Kuching</b>, <b>Sarawak</b>, 24-26 Februari 2012

Posted: 23 Feb 2012 04:54 PM PST

Hari ini, insyaAllah aku, isteri dan anak-anak dijadualkan bertolak ke Kuching, Sarawak pada jam 5.00 petang...

Wah-wah, melancong aja aku sekeluarga, hehe... ingat kaya sgt ke, haha... bulan Januari hari tu dah pergi Medan.... ni pergi Kuching pulak....

Jangan salah sangka, kami bukannya orang kaya... tapi kebetulan last year, kami dapat tiket Air Asia pergi ke Kuching dengan harga yang amat murah....

cuba teka berapa ringgit tiket PERGI BALIK total utk aku, wife dan 2 orang kanak-kanak (5 thn dan 3 thn)?

RM300? RM500? RM250?

Salah...semua salah...

Harganya hanya RM60 total, termasuk minyak, dan tax...kalau harga tak semurah tu, jangan harap aku nak pi Kuching, hehe....

Nak tau apa rahsianya?

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11 di sri aman sarawak - Google Blog Search

Pesta Benak / River Surfing in <b>Sri Aman Sarawak</b>, East Malaysia

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 06:04 AM PST

Would you dare to be on a surfing board and battle a tidal bore in Sarawak's Batang Lupar, famed for its crocodile-infested waters? Dare-devils should look no further then Sri Aman, 170km from Kuching. The tidal bore here, or "benak", could be a big tourism draw in which it could be known as a fantastic extreme sport.
So far only one man has dared to take up the challenge in battling the benak. He is Frenchman Antony Colas, a hardcore tidal surfer and author of the World Stormrider Guide, a guide book on the best new surfing locations worlwide.

This year, the event will be held on 6-8 April 2012 and you will seeing more action and hopefully we will seeing one of our own Malaysian surfer riding the waves in the river.

For more information or pics, please check:

Pictures courtesy of Anthony Colas.

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11 di lubok antu sarawak - Google Blog Search

.: Program Aram Nemuai Ke Giatmara <b>di Lubok Antu</b> meriah

Posted: 09 Mar 2012 09:21 PM PST

Caption: UNTUK ALBUM...Para delegasi GIATMARA bergambar kenangan ketika melakukan kunjungan ke Nanga Badau, Indonesia sempena program itu baru-baru ini.
LUBOK ANTU, Rabu (7 Mac) – Seramai 500 orang penduduk hadir bagi memeriahkan suasana sambutan Program Aram Nemuai Ke GIATMARA yang berlangsung di Komplek Sukan Lubok Antu baru-baru ini.
Program usahasama antara GIATMARA Lubok Antu dan GIATMARA Sri Aman itu buat julungkalinya diadakan di Bahagian Sri Aman dengan tujuan untuk menyebarkan maklumat mengenai GIATMARA dikalangan penduduk setempat.
"Antara aktiviti yang kita ialah Senamrobik Rakyat, Pertandingan Mewarna, Futsal, Badminton, Sepak Raga, Menyumpit, Sukaneka, Karaoke serta Khidmat Solekan Percuma dari Pusat GIATMARA Sri Aman.
"Keseluruhannya kewujudan kompleks GIATMARA yang serba canggih di Lubok Antu perlu dijadikan sebagai satu peluang oleh rakyat di situ bagi menimba ilmu kemahiran selepas ini," kata Pengurus GIATMARA Lubok Antu, Mohd Nazri Awang.
Sebagai sebahagian daripada usaha promosi katanya, sejumlah tiga buah kursus ditawarkan di GIATMARA Lubok Antu merangkumi Teknologi Automotif (satu tahun), Fashion and Dressmaking (enam Bulan) serta Kimpalan dan Fabrikasi Logam (enam Bulan).
Dalam masa yang sama, Pusat GIATMARA Sri Aman kata Nazri pula menawarkan kursus Solekan Dan Terapi Kecantikan (enam Bulan) serta Teknologi Sistem Komputer (enam Bulan).
"Pelatih yang mengikuti kursus di GIATMARA selepas ini bakal menikmati elaun sebanyak RM200 sebulan serta Sijil Professional GIATMARA Malaysia setelah tamat latihan," jelas beliau.
Dalam perkembangan berkaitan Program Aram Nemuai Ke GIATMARA juga turut diserikan dengan kehadiran delegasi GIATMARA Pulau Pinang dan Timbalan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif GIATMARA Malaysia iaitu Haji Abdul Halim Mansor.
Halim berhasrat untuk menjadi peneraju latihan kemahiran yang unggul khususnya di Lubok Antu dan negeri Sarawak amnya selepas ini memandangkan pendidikan kemahiran amat berbeza berbanding dengan pendekatan akademik di universiti.
"Ini kerana kemahiran memerlukan kepakaran dan "hands-on" yang berkualiti. Ia merupakan satu pendidikan kemahiran yang diajar oleh pusat GIATMARA pada masa sekarang," menurut beliau.
Rombongan GIATMARA juga turut membuat lawatan ke Rumah Nanga Spaya, Ulu Engkari dalam menyampaikan hebahan tentang peluang pendidikan kemahiran yang ditawarkan di GIATMARA Lubok Antu dan GIATMARA Sri Aman.
GIATMARA Malaysia turut berbesar hati untuk menjalankan "technology shift" bersama komuniti di Nanga Badau, Kalimantan, Indonesia dengan GIATMARA Lubok Antu bakal menerajui usahasama tersebut sekiranya ia menjadi realiti.

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11 di bau sarawak - Google Blog Search

Kes Baru HFMD <b>Di Sarawak</b> Turun Kepada 49

Posted: 11 Mar 2012 12:56 AM PST

KUCHING — Jumlah kes baru penyakit kaki, tangan dan mulut (HFMD) di Sarawak menurun secara mendadak kepada 49 kes hari ini daripada 103 semalam membawa kepada kes terkumpul yang dilaporkan setakat ini kepada 2,684.

Menurut kenyataan pejabat operasi HFMD Jabatan Kesihatan Sarawak di sini, penurunan itu dilaporkan di Kuching, Samarahan, Betong, Sarikei, Kapit, Bintulu dan Limbang.

Bagaimanapun, peningkatan dilaporkan di bahagian Sri Aman sahaja manakala di Mukah, Sibu dan Miri kekal seperti semalam.

Bilangan terkumpul kemasukan ialah 182, dengan 18 pesakit masih dirawat di Hospital Besar Sarawak di sini dan hospital-hospital lain di Miri, Sibu, Bau, Bintulu, Sarikei, Kapit dan Limbang tetapi tida kes demam yang serius.

Setakat ini, tiada kematian akibat HFMD dilaporkan.

Menurut kenyataan itu, jabatan itu menasihatkan orang ramai untuk sentiasa mengamalkan penjagaan kebersihan tangan termasuk kerap mencuci tangan bagi mencegah penyakit merebak.— BERNAMA

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