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Straight from the escaped Orang Utan: I&#39;m back for good! « <b>Sarawak</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 04:30 AM PDT


ImageAn open letter by Peter John Jaban (Papa Orangutan)

One week after the recent debacle with the Police in Miri, I am happy to be home, here in Sarawak.  I've been resting after going to ground and planning for the future.  I've decided that my future is here.  I was born here and I intend to remain here!  There is so much work to be done especially with crucial elections just round the corner.  This is our chance is to bring about real change in Sarawak politics.  My struggle for Sarawak will continue where it's needed most.

The events of the last week have revealed many things.  The first is just a reminder of how much I love this country, how much I love Sarawak.  As the Malay saying goes: 'Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri.'  I am a Sarawakian!  I need to be here among my people to work effectively.  I started Radio Free Sarawak and moved to London mainly because freedom of expression here in my own country is lacking – something that I am trying to change.  But, I just couldn't stay away.  Now, I feel that I can best continue my struggle for the future of Sarawak here.  No matter what London offers, it has nothing to compare to my own ties that bind me to Sarawak, my ibu pertiwiku, as it is called in the Sarawak State Anthem.   So, maybe you'll see me driving around town in my Cadillac with my beautiful daughter at my side.  I'll even wave again at YB Abdul Karim Hamzah, Assistant Youth Development Minister, as he stares at me from his tiny classic car.

What else have I learnt from the last week?  I have learnt that I am safer here than in any other country.    In spite of all the stories from the government-controlled media trying to paint me black, I have learnt that, when I need help, the people of Sarawak are right there behind me.  There are so many great heroes here in this state, carrying on their good work and supporting my own; I feel proud to work with them and will continue to do so wherever they need me.

As for the police, those that I met in KK were polite and courteous.  I thank them.  Last week's drama was not my intention.  Sadly, in the past, certain members of our police force here have smeared the name of their colleagues by acting too hastily and too strongly towards people in their custody.  Unfortunately, we live in times where even answering to someone's fist in custody is viewed as normal and part of day to day business.  Even now, reports of deaths in custody continue to come out in the independent media.  I am ready to meet the Police, should they wish, but on an even basis, with my representatives present – not when I am under their power to do with as they choose: to be placed under duress or to be mistreated or physically and verbally abused in any way.  That is why I left, to allow myself the opportunity to meet them on my own terms.  After all, I am a citizen of Sarawak.  I have committed no crime.  I have not robbed or killed or cheated anyone.  I want to return, to be free to live my life in the country that I love, and to continue my struggle for a better future for all of us here. 

Finally, what of the events of last week?  The time has come for the public to hear the story from the orangutan's mouth.  As someone has said, I owe the public an explanation and this is it.  After my stay in Kuching in May, I went to Sabah for a week.   I took a flight, first from Kuching to Miri (no problem at all) and then from Miri to KK (again, no problem).  It was only on my return flight to Miri that the problem surfaced.

As I queued for immigration, I was told that there was an issue and called into the office.   I waited.  My flight time was drawing near, so I questioned immigration who informed me, very politely, that this was a police matter which had been reported in July 2011 and they were waiting for Special Branch to arrive.  Special Branch did arrive!  They photocopied my documents and they took pictures of me from every angle, again very politely.  Then, they informed me that I was being 'referred' to the Sarawak Police and escorted me to the aircraft.  I understood this to mean that I would be met by police at Miri airport.  As I wanted to make sure that I wasn't taken away by the police without proper representation, I contacted my people to make certain that I was met at Miri by a few friendly faces.

On my arrival, I was surprised to find the airport full of people waiting for me!  There were police, as I had expected, some were in uniform and some I took to be plain-clothes officers – I know the look from my activist days.  There were reporters, all taking photos right in my face, and of course, my own representatives.

I was confused and feeling unwell.  The lawyer Alan Ling, now the assemblyman for Piasau, and Dr Michael Teo, taking advantage of the fact that the police were still waiting for instructions, took me to the car and we drove off, heading to Dr Teo's clinic.  On the way into Miri, there was an accident ahead and a queue of traffic behind it.  We were stuck.  Dr Teo was busy on the phone, his driver busy with the road.  It was raining heavily.  As I sat, a car pulled up beside us on the fast lane.  Two men got out – I recognized one of them from my flight – and told me that the police were chasing our car.  So, on the spur of the moment, I decided to follow them.  There was no time to update Dr Teo who was otherwise engaged on the phone anyway and I'm sorry for that but I had to make my move.  These three men were genuine Samaritans – they sought only to help me and I thank them for that.  They then dropped me somewhere safe.

So, why did I not let anyone know where I was for three days?  Well, it's not that easy to do so when I was supposed to be avoiding detection.  My own phone was not working because of the heavy rain.  I had to get out of Miri, which I did on the same day.  I travelled on foot under the SESCO overhead lines and by hitchhiking.  So, just let it be said that I didn't sit around reading about myself online and worrying about who to tell first where I was.  Finally, another Good Samaritan gave me a new phone.  It seemed foolish to register a phone in my own name.  As soon as that happened, I contacted my colleagues at RFS as this was the only telephone number I could remember.  My thanks go out to them and all those who helped me – the good Samaritans, Dr Michael Teo, the lawyers Alan Ling and See Chee How.  If any fingers are still being pointed at my supporters and friends who came to my aid in my time of need – I want this to stop now.  This is the only reason why I am making this statement at this time.  In reality, I'd be quite happy for this whole event to pass into history.

As for claims in the press that I 'staged' the whole thing, I suggest those journalists verify my version of events with Special Branch in KK.  As for claims that I did it for publicity, I can only say that it was not me that contacted the press – it was my representatives who felt that greater coverage would minimize the chances of improper conduct by the police.  As for those claims that I shouldn't have run and that I should have waited for the police to simply arrest me, I would ask what you all would do, knowing that you are in danger?  Would you sit in the car and wait for instructions or would you take action and save yourself?  I chose action. 

With regards the near future, I will continue to take action, fighting on the ground for the people of Sarawak.   I fly no flag but theirs, as I have always done.  I  know that Radio Free Sarawak will carry on, business as usual, spreading the message to where it is needed and, of course, I will give them every assistance in that.  I urge listeners to continue to tune in and listen to the real message.  You might even hear me reporting from the interior.  But from now on, I'm staying right here.

11 di padawan sarawak - Google Blog Search

11 di padawan sarawak - Google Blog Search

Yumida: Mini Giveaway by CikHannah : Jom Jejalan

Posted: 01 Jun 2012 05:56 AM PDT

Cadangan LOKASI PERCUTIAN yg sesuai utk Hannah & family:
Cik Hannah Sefamili...Jom Melancong ke KUCHING, SARAWAK!!!
Tempat-tempat MENARIK bakal dilawati Cik Hannah Sekeluarga ialah:


1) Kampung Budaya Sarawak
Tempat ni terletak di Pantai Damai, Santubong hanya 32km dari bandar Kuching merupakan tempat yang terbaik untuk mengenali budaya dan cara hidup masyarakat Sarawak. Hannah & famili juga boleh melihat replika bangunan yang mewakilkan setiap suku kaum pribumi utama yang ada di Sarawak; rumah panjang bagi orang Iban, Bidayuh dan Orang Ulu, rumah-tinggi Melanau dan rumah ladang orang Cina. Perkampungan ini juga mempunyai sebuah pentas di mana pelawat boleh menyaksikan persembahan tarian tradisional pelbagai kaum, sebuah restoran dan kedai kraftangan. Mmg bez! Super awesome! Terpegun bila tengok persembahan diorang nanti.
2) Pasar Minggu di Jalan Satok


Pastikan tempat ni mesti di pergi! Pasar yang menarik ni menawarkan peluang melihat dan mengenali hasil herba, buah-buahan, tumbuh-tumbuhan dan haiwan yang digunakan oleh penduduk Sarawak di dalam masakan dan perubatan tradisional mereka. Selain tu, pakaian juga dijual di sederet gerai. Pasar ni sgt panjang, pastinya menjamin kepuasan dan keseronokan buat Hannah Sefamili semua. Berada di sini jangan sesekali lupa untuk singgah di pasar yang menjual ikan terubok masin. Harga memang murah berbanding di tempat-tempat lain. Lagi pandai menawar lagi berbaloi la jawabnya =) Para penjaja membawa masuk barang jualan mereka pada hari Sabtu petang dan pasar Ahad ini bermula pada jam 5 pagi.


Antara tempat yang mesti dilawati ialah Kuching Waterfront yang mana ia adalah antara tarikan utama yang terdapat di Kuching. Selain keindahan Sungai Sarawak, Hannah Sekeluarga boleh menikmati pemandangan bot-bot kecil (perahu tambang) dan menaikinya dengan kadar tambang yang cukup murah.
Bersetentangan dengan Kuching Waterfront itu, terdapat banyak deretan kedai yang menjual pelbagai jenis kraf yang cantik dan unik bermotifkan Sarawak. Daripada tikar Sarawak yang popular kepada hasil tembikar yang beraneka bentuk seperti pasu, patung kucing dan sebagainya, semuanya ada ditawarkan dengan harga yang berpatutan. Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk berkunjung di sini kerana di sinilah antara sumber ole-ole Hannah Sekeluarga untuk saudara mara dan sahabat bila balik nanti.
4) Taman Negara Gunung Gading
Hannah Sekeluarga juga berpeluang ke Taman Negara Gunung Gading, yang mana ia adalah kawasan hutan bergunung-ganang yang indah, hanya dua jam jauhnya dari bandar Kuching. Pelawat yang datang ke sini mendapat peluang yang terbaik untuk melihat sendiri bunga Rafflesia yang kembang tanpa memusnahkan kudup bunga tersebut atau pun tumbuhan lain di sekitarnya.
Sebuah laluan pelantar kayu telah dibina di tempat di mana Rafflesia tersebut lazimnya kelihatan bagi membolehkan pelawat berkunjung ke sini dengan selesa pada bila-bila masa bunga Rafflesia ini mengembang. Trek laluan hutan membawa pelawat menuju ke sungai, air terjun dan kawasan gunung dan sebuah laluan lagi membawa pelawat ke puncak Gunung Gading.
Terletak 37 km dari Kuching Taman Negara Bako kaya dengan flora dan fauna dengan sekurang-kurangnya tujuh jenis tumbuhan tropikal yang utama di Sarawak. Taman ni merekodkan 316 spesies tumbuhan, 22 spesies burung, 24 spesies haiwan reptilia dan binatang berdarah sejuk, 57 spesies mamalia termasuk monyet hidung muncung atau monyet orang Belanda serta yang bernasib boleh terserempak dengan spesies ikan lumba-lumba dilindungi sepenuhnya di negeri ini. Menarik kan? Memang sesuai untuk aktiviti Hannah sekeluarga. Camera jangan lupa! J
Pasar Serikin adalah sebuah pekan kecil di Bau iaitu sempadan Malaysia - Indonesia dengan jaraknya kira-kira 70 kilometer dari Bandar Kuching. Pasar Serikin sentiasa menjadi kunjungan bukan saja penduduk tempatan malah pelancong dari Semenanjung dan negara asing. Terdapat pelbagai jenis barangan dari Sarawak dan Indonesia yang dijual di sana dengan harga yang berpatutan.
Di pasar Serikin ini, Hannah & Famili dapat melihat dan membeli pelbagai barangan yang agak asing daripada terdapat di Malaysia. Barangan yang dijual amat unik dan menarik hati. Biasanya, penjual menjual barangan rotan, tikar, pelbagai jenis kain pelikat dan kain batik, makanan ringan 'janjan', barangan dapur, telekung wanita dan barangan kraf tangan. Ternyata , barangan kraf tangan yang dihasilkan amat kreatif. Ianya nanti bakal Hannah sekeluarga jadikan cenderamata atau cenderahati kepada sanak saudara dan rakan-rakan bila balik nanti. Pasar Serikin ni di buka  pada sabtu dan ahad sahaja (7pagi-4ptg)
Jong's Crocodile Farm atau Taman Buaya Jong di Sarawak menempatkan lebih 1000 ekor buaya dari pelbagai jenis dan saiz. Taman ini terletak di daerah Padawan (jalan Kuching-Serian) merupakan kawasan penternakan, pembiakan dan pemuliharaan buaya terbesar di Malaysia. Paling bez..Hannah sekeluarga bakal menyaksikan demo memberi makan buaya yang ada di sini. Mcm bez...n macam menggerunkan jugak kan? Hihi..
8) Kedai Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah
Klo Hannah nak tahu Kek Lapis Sarawak amat popular sehingga mereka yang datang berkunjung ke Sarawak tidak akan melepaskan peluang untuk membawa pulang kek lapis sarawak sebagai buah tangan. Antara tempat menarik di Bandaraya Kuching yang popular ialah kek lapis Mariam di Satok, Kuching dan juga kek lapis Dayang Salhah di Kampung Boyan, di seberang Sungai Sarawak (bertentangan dengan Hotel Holiday Inn Kuching). Seberang sungai ini dihubungkan dengan jambatan, tetapi pengunjung juga boleh memilih untuk menaiki sampan pada harga tambang dari 30 ke 50 sen sahaja. Pengalaman menggunakan sampan mmg bez!
Memikirkan bajet hotel untuk penginapan Hannah Sekeluarga mungkin melibatkan kos yg tinggi. Jadi, sini saya syorkan Hannah tempat penginapan terbaik..lagi menjimatkan!
Guesthouse/Homestay di Kuching- klo Hannah berminat blh hubungi  mkj243 di talian 0138186053
Rumah teres korner(TEPI) setingkat yang BARU berdekatan dengan pusat bandar.
Halaman luas dan bersih, boleh memuatkan 6 buah kereta.
Lokasi :
10 minit ke pusat bandar.
20-30 minit ke Santubong, Damai dan Kampung Budaya.
20 minit ke Lapangan terbang.
10-15 minit ke waterfront, muzium sarawak dll.
3 bilik - setiap bilik ada katil dan kipas
Ruang tamu - sofa, TV, kipas.
Dapur - meja makan, dapur, peralatan memasak dan pinggan mangkuk.
Tandas - sabun percuma dan tuala (dibersihkan selepas setiap penyewaan)
* Kemudahan lain yang dirancang ialah tempat BBQ, tempat permainan anak-anak dan lanskap.
Berdekatan: Choice super Mall, Normah Medical Specialist Hospital, Pusat penjaja malam, surau dan lain-lain
* dibekalkan periuk nasi elektrik untuk menjimatkan belanja
Rate - RM150 semalam.
-shawlnya yg cantik, juga menampilkan pelbagai gaya & style, semestinya shawl dari Sweet Honey memenuhi citarasa pemakai hijab

-harganya juga berpatutan, boleh dibeli golongan remaja, yg mana para remaja menggemari fesyen2 semua jenis shawl
-paling menambat hati: modelnya yg cantik! ayu gitu..membuatkan hati sesiapa sahaja tertarik utk membeli
-ruangan promosi yg menarik hati - amat2 kebabom utk di terjah - plus FREE POSTAGE! Tanpa caj penghantaran! Memang awesome laaaa! 
-takjub dgn cara promosi perniagaan shawl yg mana dipasarkan secara meluas sehingga terpampang di dada MAJALAH NUR-bulan MEI 2012??? Memang super cool la! Juga di facebook..of course sy akan like! coz nak tengok shawl2 yg trendy
-menyediakan rujukan lengkap utk kemudahan pembeli melalui email - memang urusan jual beli yg mudah & senang!
-paling penting meletakkan no. pendaftaran perniagaan yg mana bg membuktikan kewujudan syarikat. Mmg xde rasa was2 nak beli n order!
-mmg lengkap! siap disertakan kaedah pembayaran. Hmmmm...saya pengguna urusan jual beli...sedang mengexplore shawl pujaan hati
-tutorial menggunakan hijab?? wow! guna tudung biasa jer..jenis main masuk..hmmm..dgn tutorial ni, dpt skill memperaga tudung
-juga menyediakan ruangan iklan...beznya...rm100 per month..mmg berbaloi mempromosi perniagaa kat yg sentiasa menjadi tumpuan ni