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11 di sri aman sarawak - Google Blog Search

11 di sri aman sarawak - Google Blog Search

Peace Party, <b>Sarawak</b> Workers Party sharing same bed?

Posted: 07 May 2012 11:09 PM PDT

Source: Borneo Post (View expressed here is solely the opinion of the source. Please read news from the source for details)

KUCHING: Promoters of the Peace Party Sarawak (Peace Party) are contemplating joining forces with Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) if their bid to be registered on time for the general election failed.

Its pro-tem deputy president Marcus Kanyong told The Borneo Post yesterday that a meeting had been set up with SWP prime mover Datuk Sng Chee Hua to discuss the potential collaboration.

The idea was mooted following Peace Party's failure to obtain the registration certificate at the Home Ministry's office last Friday despite being notified by the Registrar of Society (ROS) in Putrajaya that their pending registration had been given the all-clear.

"We were told by a senior Home Ministry officer on duty that there was a slight delay in endorsing our registration. The officer told us that there was no problem with our application and that the approval would be given soon.

"There is nothing we can do for now as the ministry did not specify any reason for the delay. While waiting for our application to be approved, it is best that we act on our contingency plan straight away," said the 48-year-old entrepreneur.

Peace Party, which is eyeing Sri Aman and Lubok Antu if their application is given the nod, would propose that Marcus and pro-tem publicity chief Pok Ungkut contest under SWP's banner.

"We want to work together with SWP," assured Marcus.

In the event that the collaboration and endorsement from the Home Ministry crumbled, then their candidates would be fielded as Independents.

Both Marcus and Pok have been going to the ground in the past six months to stamp their presence at their respective parliamentary constituencies. The former recently claimed to have garnered some 2,000 supporters to date in Rapak, Kara, Mentu, Kedumpai and Abok among others.

SWP, despite initial claims of being BN-friendly, has revealed its intent to unseat all Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) elected representatives in Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Julau, Kanowit, Selangau and Hulu Rajang in the impending polls.

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