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11 di lawas sarawak - Google Blog Search

11 di lawas sarawak - Google Blog Search

Northern <b>Sarawak</b> primed for more growth — MP | sarawakpage

Posted: 15 Apr 2012 02:37 AM PDT

Lawas MP Dato Henry Sum Agong (center)

MIRI: The federal government has given the green light to develop areas, including the building of roads, between Ba Kelalan, Lawas, Bario and Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Lawas MP Dato Henry Sum Agong said this latest development augured well for people in the region, including those living in the highland areas in the interior of Lawas.

"This will certainly improve the socio-economic standard of the community residing in these areas," he said when met by thesundaypost in Ba Kelalan recently.

Sum added that the government had also approved the building of bridges across several rivers in the area.

"The travelling time between Lawas and Ba Kelalan was shortened after the government took over a section of Long Luping to Ba Kelalan.

"The government also improved and upgraded the standard of roads by tar sealing the whole stretch from Long Luping to Ba Kelalan."

He added that although the road from Long Luping and Long Sukang was still under the maintenance of logging companies operating in the area, the government would chip in to improve and upgrade a section of it (about 6km) from Long Sukang.

"Allocation has been approved (for road improvement and upgrading). We are also applying for allocation for the remaining six kilometres to Lawas."

The travelling time from Lawas to Ba'Kelalan has been shortened from more than 10 hours to about four after the government took over the maintenance of the section from Long Luping to Ba Kelalan.

Sum opined that travelling time would be reduced further when the government took over the whole section linking the area with Lawas.

He added that also approved to be built were roads linking Ba Kelalan with Bario and the Malaysian-Indonesian border.

Ba Kelalan is blessed with a unique climate and is rich with cultural and natural wonders. With attractions such as mountains, jungles, valleys, paddy fields and the local culture of the Lun Bawang community, the area is primed for eco-tourism.

With cultivation of apples in the area, Sum said it was also poised as a destination for agro-tourism.

As the area was teeming withn potential, Sum said the government was making efforts to improve infrastructure and tourism in the area for the benefit of the people.

Also earmarked is the provision of electricity by tapping its hydro potential.

Source: The Borneo Post

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